[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: [gst-devel] mp3 that upsets spider element [WAS Valid mp3s can't ...]

Christophe Fergeau teuf at gnome.org
Fri May 14 05:26:01 CEST 2004


> > http://www.jeacocke.org.uk/2003/ossdev/spider_fails_gstreamer_0_8_1.mp3
> Works in HEAD, was fixed +/- a month ago (can't remember the bugnum).

I found what could be a bug in wavparse or riff-read when using it
though. When downloading this file, I stopped the download before it
completed, but tried to play the file.
gst-launch then complains about trying to push a NULL buffer. 
After gdb-ing a bit, I found that wavparse calls
gst_riff_read_element_data asking it to read XXX bytes, this function
can't read that many bytes so it returns NULL and then wavparse pushes
that NULL. It probably happens when reaching the end of my truncated
file even though I didn't check.
I was wondering if it was intentional that gst_riff_read_element_data
basically does:
if ((got = gst_bytestream_peek (riff->bs, &buf, length)) != length) {
	return NULL;
return buf;

or if it should be more clever? (for example, return buffers whose
length is smaller than the length asked to the function, or try a bit
harder to get a full buffer).

I downloaded the full file, and filesrc ! spider ! osssink can't play it
filesrc ! mad ! osssink can play it, but filesrc ! id3tag ! wavparse !
mad ! osssink (which spider does and which is correct) can't play it.


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