[gst-devel] vorbis / theora caps

Ronald S. Bultje R.S.Bultje at students.uu.nl
Fri May 14 07:17:02 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 16:01, Benjamin Otte wrote:
> While we had this recent headers in vorbis/theora discussion, I had an idea:
> What about specifying 2 different formats for vorbis data? one, named "audio/x-
> vorbis" for the stuff as it comes out of oggdemux, and another (for lack of a 
> better name) "audio-x-vorbis-
> stream,header_data=...,meta_data=...,setup_data=..." where the first 3 buffers 
> are already put into the caps?

Well, for now, the only codec that would use it is ogg, so it seems sort
of overheady to me. You could just as well put the code in ogg(de)mux,
save up to two elements for a simple playback pipeline and thereby
decrease latency, no?

But if we don't care much about this, I guess this is a way. But please
do a better name.


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