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Stéphane LOEUILLET stephane.loeuillet at tiscali.fr
Fri May 14 08:34:04 CEST 2004


> On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 23:27, Stephane Loeuillet wrote:
> > * gst/auparse/gstauparse.c :
> >   - add code (commented for now) to support audio/x-adpcm on src pad
> >     (we have no decoder for those layout yet)
> Put a sample file on bugzilla and I'll play around.

ok, all the samples i used to modify auparse are on this page :

currently working ones :
all A-law and mu-law, linear signed 8bit PCM

i don't know why 16,24 and 32bit PCM aren't working, same for 32/64

i verified with ffmpeg equivalent to auparse, the only one it can play
that auparse can't is the linear signed 16bit PCM

about the ADPCM au files :

those are named o2_722.snd and o2_726.snd but as 'file' says :
o2_722.au: Sun/NeXT audio data: compressed (8-bit G.722 ADPCM) mono,
44100 Hz
o2_726.au: Sun/NeXT audio data: compressed (5-bit G.723 ADPCM), mono,
44100 Hz

currently, i started to write a sfdec element (using libsndfile) as it
can decode g721 and g723 (and far more) but is is far from finished.

i'm on avidemux for now, tracking some asserts about gsttag.c on a weird
avi i have


Stéphane LOEUILLET <stephane.loeuillet at tiscali.fr>

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