[gst-devel] Several patches

David Moore dcm at MIT.EDU
Fri May 14 20:31:13 CEST 2004


I've submitted three bugs in the id3tag, osssink, and qtdemux plugins
respectively.  I have supplied patches for two and the third is a
trivial one-line fix:


Fixes a bug in id3tag that caused the first second or two of audio to be
lost when playing from an fdsrc when a ID3v2 tag is present.


Fixes static often heard for me from osssink with high CPU load or other
I/O activity.


Fixes a bug in qtdemux which prevented it from working at all when using
fdsrc as the source.

If any of the patches aren't acceptable for applying to CVS, please let
me know, and I can try to rework them to be acceptable.  These three
fixes are necessary for correct behavior on my machine.



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