[gst-devel] Re: DirectShow conversion to Gstreamer

Zaheer Abbas Merali zaheerabbas at merali.org
Mon Nov 1 03:48:47 CET 2004

On 1 Nov 2004, at 07:45, ChristianHJW wrote:

> Larry Berlinski wrote:
>> Anyone know if Gstreamer has been attempted on Windoze?
> I was browsing gstreamer.net again to try to find any information 
> about the Windows port. Nada, Zero. Neither in the news, nor in the 
> FAQ or even in the downloads.

If someone who uses Windows can provide us information on how to 
install the port (maybe even with a binary installer etc.) then we can 
put some information up.

> It appears to me like you are trying hard to not the world know there 
> is one. Maybe because you are afraid of bad reactions from the Linux 
> side ? Am i getting paranoid ?

No, the issue is most of the developers work in Linux (or other Unix).  
It needs someone who uses Windows for this to happen.

> Guys, to make this clear one and for all time :
> Our plans to use Gstreamer as the underlying multimedia framework for 
> matroska, similar to what Quicktime is for MOV or what Video for 
> Windows is ( was ) for AVI are getting less and less likely. robux4 
> and the rest of the team are working hard on the implementation of our 
> menue system right now, and we were hoping Steve's hard work on 
> porting Gstreamer to Windows would raise people's interest in the 
> meantime, and some guys would start using and imporving it, or add 
> video/audio sinks so that we could try to motivate player devs to 
> build their apps on Gstreamer instead of Windows.
> If you dont communicate that there actually IS a Windows port 
> existing, how could people know about it then, and start contributing 
> to it ? We wanted to contribute to gstreamer with the port, hoping it 
> would take off so that gstreamer could become a viable alternative to 
> what we are trying to achieve. But please bare in mind, that doesnt 
> make robux4 a gstreamer dev, caring full time about the port. He is 
> leading his own project, and pushing it forward is hard enough. Dont 
> expect him to give up on matroska and invest all his free time into 
> the port. Its about time you guys start feeling responsible for the 
> Windows port, and react accordingly. Just my 2 cents ....

We have communicated in ChangeLogs that it now runs on windows but 
without somneone actively providing information on how to get it 
running on Windows, what are we going to do?  We cannot put on the 
website: It runs on windows but we havent a clue how.  Someone will 
have to maintain a windows status set of pages saying how to install, 
what works, what plugins work, example apps/sourcecode etc.

I am sure I speak for a lot of ppl here in that we do not use Windows 
for development purposes but would be happy if someone who did, did the 
role above so we can proudly say that GStreamer runs well on Windows.

Take Care

Zaheer Abbas Merali

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