[gst-devel] Compiling the WIN32 DEPS for gstreamer

Larry Berlinski LBerlinski at inspireworksinc.com
Fri Nov 5 07:52:02 CET 2004

Hello Steve,
First of all, thanks for work you've done in providing the information about porting gstreamer to the Windoze environment.

I thought I'd let you know of my activities in generating the dependencies for a Windoze version of Gstreamer you provided on your website.

I ran into a couple of problems compiling them, all of which I was able to overcome.

I'm compiling on a W2K machine using the Visual Studio .NET 2003 Command Prompt that came with MS Development Environment 2003 V 7.1.3

Instead of the the directory structure you suggest (i.e., C:\usr etc.), I created a directory structure of C:\gstreamer\usr ... etc. into which I expanded your gstreamer-win32-deps-3.rar archive.

The first problem was the environment variables, PREFIX and IIPREFIX used by the makefiles were getting nulled during the make process. Since a number of the makefiles present all had logic to insure that PREFIX and IIPREFIX were present and to default to the c:\usr hierarchy you have set up, I found it necessary to issue a SET PREFIX=C:\gstreamer\usr and SET IIPREFIX=C:\\gstreamer\\usr before I issued the NMAKE -f makefile.msvc DEBUG=1 command. This kept these environment variables around for each makefile process.

That got me through almost to the end, until the process attempted to execute the "glib-genmarshal --nostdinc --prefix=g_cclosure_marshal gmarshal.list --header >> xgen-gmh" command. It failed because it couldn't find the intl.dll in the path. 

I found three such DLL files: one was in the c:\gsteamer\usr\bin directory, another was in the "gstreamer-deps-src\gettext\gettext-runtime\intl" and another was in the "gstreamer-deps-src\gettext\gettext-tools\intl" directory. The last two dll's were created during the deps make.

I overcame this problem by adding c:\gstreamer\usr\bin to the PATH. The make completed without errors. BUT did I use the right DLL?

If you don't mind, I would like to ask you about how you went about compiling gstreamer too.

Did you compile gstreamer under MSVC or under cygwin or msys? I attempted to compile under msys, but configure said I was missing a suitable version of python and bison was missing altogether.

What did you do to get python and bison ported to windows?

,,,,    Larry Berlinski

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