[gst-devel] Simple window (GtkWidget) to play a movie

Robert Roebling robert at roebling.de
Mon Nov 8 04:51:09 CET 2004


I'm one of the authors of the wxWidgets project
(C++ GUI library) and we are about to add a simple
control for showing a movie in it. Under Windoze
we use DirectShow and under Linux we'd like to
use GStreamer. Is there a ready-made widget that
is part of GStreamer that can be used for that
or shall we rip GST-player apart and use the code
to write our own control? Ideally, there would be
a small library providing a simple GtkWidget for
displaying a movie clip from a file.



Please mail me directly as I'm not subscribed 
to this list (but I can do if required, of course).

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