[gst-devel] Undeclared identifier -

Larry Berlinski LBerlinski at inspireworksinc.com
Thu Nov 11 06:32:02 CET 2004

{"David I. Lehn" said:}
>It was recently removed:
>Perhaps you need to regenerate the gstenumtypes.c file.


I'm confused because I attempted the compile from a freshly untarred copy of gstreamer-0.8.7 obtained from http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/src/gstreamer/.  I didn't get the source from CVS or anything. I would have expected that the tarball contained the most up-to-date versions ... 

Can someone point me to where I can get the right gstenumtypes.c file (any anything else that didn't make it to the 0.8.7 tarball)?


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