[gst-devel] MSVS C++ .net 2003 Project Problem & suggested correction

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Nov 15 07:06:02 CET 2004

Larry Berlinski a écrit :
> There's a problem with the command line for the Pre-Build Event property of libgstreamer when trying to compile using MSVS (MSVC71).
> Here's the old and updated versions of the command line.
> ...

OK, but it's strange that it worked for me. I don't think MS changed the 
meaning of $(ProjectDir) and we use the same compiler anyway... I'll 
have to check that. Usually Windows has no problem dealing with 
some\\path instead of some\path...

> Also is there any activity to get win32's gstenumtypes.c/.h updated to reflect the change to remove GST_THREAD_MUTEX_LOCKED?

Well, it should be taken from a Linux box and put in the Win32 dir. 
Unless someone makes the needed changes to the build process to build 
this file (using Perl IIRC).

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