[gst-devel] quote request: music education app

Mark Van den Borre mark at markvdb.be
Sat Nov 27 08:57:29 CET 2004

*** DISCLAIMER: For the moment, this is just an idea. I know zilch, 
scratch, nada about custom software development cost. Financial 
feasibility of this project idea depends on having a rough cost estimate.***

Hi all,

Have a look at http://www.ronimusic.com/asd_instruction.htm.

Any idea what development of a basic functional equivalent would cost:

Functionality requirements:
* simple (!), compact GUI music player app
* CD, Ogg, mp3 playback support (no playlist stuff, just simple one file 
* starting & ending point within track setable using custom horizontal 
dual value scale widget
* repeat/no repeat toggle button
* tempo adjustable - 50%/ +100% (keeping same pitch!) using vertical 
scale widget
* (optional) pitch adjustable by half tones (keeping same tempo!) using 
vertical scale widget
* volume adjustable using vertical scale widget
* help function
* Gnome HIG 2.0 compliance for the Linux port

Technical requirements:
* Gstreamer backend
* Gnome UI on Linux
* GTK UI on possible future Windows port (future as no Win audiosink 
seems to have been written yet?)
* Python and/or C
    * well documented, well written code (duh!)
    * portable to Windows
    * development speed (python faster, cheaper in development and 

Legal requirements:
* GPL (GNU/)Linux port
* exclusive distribution rights for any version of a proprietary Windows 
port or copyright assignment

I'll gladly:
* create you a glade mockup
* write (Docbook?) XML for docs
* handle .po translations
* whatever else an experienced Debian user with virtually no coding 
skills can do to keep cost down

Thank you for any serious answer!


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