[gst-devel] gst-ffmpeg prereleases

Darren Blaser darrenb at extendedsystems.com
Tue Oct 5 08:43:31 CEST 2004

Thanks for the pre-release Ronald. I see definite improvements with it 
in my testing here. Two of the three .roq formatted files available in 
the mplayer samples directory now play very well. The jk02.roq file 
still dies with an X error after about a second of audio is played. My 
testing was with a the latest released binaries of gstreamer and plugins 
on Fedora Core II.

Initially I downloaded and built the latest gstreamer pre-release and 
the latest release source tarball of plugins thinking I would do all my 
pre-release testing without touching my current working rpm based binary 
install of gstreamer. Everything built fine and gst-register seemed to 
work OK but the plugins test didn't work. I wasn't sure if this was due 
to some newbie error I'd made or if it was because the latest gstreamer 
prerelease was bad. So in order to get some testing in anyway after 
running make install on the ffmpeg pre release I just copied the new 
library from it's install location over top of my existing ffmpeg 
library and then ran gst-register again. That seemed to work fine since 
I could see obviously visible improvements with the new ffmpeg library.

I was thinking of pulling the actual commands I ran from my bash history 
file and filing a decent bug report tonight on pre releases not working. 
But I thought I'd ask a couple generic configuration questions first on 
how running from pre release sources is supposed to work.
1) First the basic directory structure... I ended up with was 
/home/username/source/ with three subdirectories which included source 
for core, plugins and ffmpeg separately. That is as expected I assume 
even though everything is nested down one more layer than it would be 
for a normal build from cvs. This is the expected directory structure 
for the source right? Or should everything be untarred to the same dir 
so it mirrors a cvs build more closely?
2) When you run gst-register against the built source where does it put 
the resulting config file? More specifically should it overwrite the one 
used by the existing rpm installation or does it create a parallel 
config somewhere?
3) I've heard a bit of general chatter about issues with the last core 
pre release. Should I try the last released core tarball instead of the 
latest pre release core before filing a bug report?

Best Regards,


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