[gst-devel] new plugin: fakefilter

Ronald S. Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Wed Oct 20 14:10:04 CEST 2004

Hi Jason,

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 22:23, Jason Toffaletti wrote:
> identity doesn't emit a signal inside change-state, and I had planned on
> giving fakefilter the option of modifying the data. I wasn't aware of
> identity before, is there some documentation on plugins besides
> gst-inspect?

Actually, no. I guess we need that.

Identity emits the 'state-changed' signal after a successful state
change. There is indeed no in-plugin signal during state changing.

Ronald S. Bultje <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net>

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