[gst-devel] Cannot use audioscale element

Daniel Gazard dany42 at free.fr
Fri Oct 22 03:27:33 CEST 2004

niac78 at free.fr writes:

> Hi all,

Hi niac78 :),

> I'm trying to build a pipeline (first step with gst-launch) to read raw audio
> files. Has I do not have XML support, I have to provide the plugins associated
> with my elements with the --gst-plugin-load option.
> This method works perfectly except for one element: audioscale. GStreamer says
> "WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element "audioscale""
> This element is located in libgstaudioscale.so. Is it dependant on other plugins
> that I have to give to the pipeline with --gst-plugin-load? In that case, is
> there a way (as gst-inspect) to know thhe dependancies?

Indeed, when gstaudiocales is loaded it seems that gstresample must be
loaded before, otherwise several symbols will stayed unresolved (since
gstaudioscale use gstresample).

One obvious way (but, I admit, rather fastidious) I see to track down
the dependencies of a given plugin is to look at his plugin_init
function and check the gst_library_load calls. For instance, in the
case of audioscale you have the following:

static gboolean plugin_init (GstPlugin * plugin)
  /* load support library */
  if (!gst_library_load ("gstresample"))
    return FALSE;

I guess also that when you attempt to load a plugin that requires
another plugin which is not loaded before, the logs should give you,
at least, hints about the problem.

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