[gst-devel] Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

Lennart Poettering mztfgernzre at 0pointer.de
Sat Oct 30 08:17:07 CEST 2004

On Fri, 29.10.04 17:25, Iain * (iaingnome at gmail.com) wrote:

> This is an idea that I came up with while having this discussion with
> Christian and Ronald
> How GStreamer could be modified to provide Ding-Caching.


> I guess this email is just to show that ding-caching can be done with
> GStreamer if it needs to be.

I would suggest implementing it somewhat different. Just introduce an
new separate abstract class GstSampleCache (or GstDingCache or
GstClipCache or whatever you like) which provides just two simple

- a function for uploading new samples to the server. As parameters
  it requires a string for naming the entry (and perhaps an
  extra namespace string). It returns a new GstElement which can be
  used as sink for uploading samples to the server. The upload is
  finished when an EOS is recieved by the sink.

- a function to play a sample on a server. It just takes the entry
  name (and the namespace string, in case).

This new class could be completely separated from the rest of
Gstreamer, i.e. distributed in a separate library. A default
implementation of that class named GstFileSampleCache just puts the
uploaded files into files in $HOME or /tmp. An implementation
GstPolypSampleCache would store the sample on an Polypaudio server. an
GstEsoundSampleCache would do the same for esound.

This implementation would be somewhat compatible with the current way
Gnome works: when the session starts, gnome uploads all samples to
esound. (In contrast to the design of Iain which does "lazy" sample


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