[gst-devel] Username and password in gnomevfssrc

Johan Dahlin johan at fluendo.com
Wed Sep 8 01:36:03 CEST 2004

ons 2004-09-08 klockan 09.36 skrev sKaBoy (LucaOgnibene):
> I've done a patch to add support for username and password in gnomevfssrc. I've
> added two parameters: "username" and "password" ;)
> You can find the patch here:
> http://skaboy.no-ip.org/~luogni/patch/gstgnomevfssrc-userpwd.patch

You know that you also can do:

gnomevfssrc location=http://username:password@host/

which should work for ftp,ssh etc.

Johan Dahlin <johan at fluendo.com>
Fluendo S.L.

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