[gst-devel] xvimagesink question

Robert Stewart rstewart at xvdcorp.com
Thu Sep 9 14:05:02 CEST 2004

Hi all!

I have completed coding a new audio/video demux/decoder plug-in
for a video stream my company has created.  During testing of
the code I have noticed that the colors for the output video are
not displayed correctly.  It looks like the whole color scheme
has been shifted over into the blue spectrum.  This occurs using
both gst-editor, and gst-player.

In order to track down the problem I used gst-editor and tee'd
the output to a jpeg file creation sink along with displaying
the video to the screen.  The screen displayed the colors incorrectly
while the displaying the jpeg presented the colors correctly.  I
also tried substituting the input audio/video source by demuxing
and decoding an mpeg stream.  Again, the video output presented
the colors incorrectly.  Because of the two additional tests that
I ran I feel very confident that the problem lies in xvimagesink
rather than my new plug-in.

Does anyone have any similiar experiences with this plug-in, and
if so how did you overcome them?

Thanks much!
-Bob Stewart

PS:  The video stream is being presented to xvimagesink as a stream
of YUV (FourCC I420) encoded video buffers.  I have not had any luck
at getting an RGB encoded stream to work at all...

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