[gst-devel] Rhythmbox+Pause+GstStaticPadTemplate & GstAudioClock

Lennart Poettering mztfgernzre at 0pointer.de
Sat Sep 11 07:46:09 CEST 2004

On Sat, 11.09.04 14:35, Christophe Fergeau (teuf at gnome.org) wrote:

> Setting the sink to NULL was broken in the early 0.8 releases, then it 
> was fixed, and Company readded it to rhythmbox. I don't really see the 
> point of waiting 5 secs to go to READY or NULL since people will 
> generally pause music for longer than that, so we probably can do it 
> immediatly. If setting the sink to NULL is considered wrong by the 
> GStreamer team, we probably can special case alsasink and osssink to 
> only do it for those two.
> Anyway, the only thing I'm interested in is a good way of releasing the 
> sound device on pause. It works by setting the sink to NULL. If this is 
> wrong/if there are other ways, feel free to propose a better way to do it ;)

I am not a gstreamer developer, but my personal opinion on this is the
followign: why does the PAUSED state exist anyway, when no application
makes use of it? It should be policy of the sink implementation and
not the application using it to free or not to free the underlying
audio device.


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