[gst-devel] transcoding again

yuri noferini yurix at picsi.it
Thu Apr 7 06:28:37 CEST 2005

hi list,
as other on this list i'm playing with gstreamer for a transcoding
i'd like to have 2 source one for video and one for audio, or one
audio/video source (dv camera), one or more audio encoders, one or more
video encoders, one or more muxer, one or more output (on local disk and
remote storage both).

at the moment i'm testing the app with one audio/video source one
encoder for audio and video, one muxer and 2 output.

the design is similar to  Ronald S. Bultje's cupid (with one difference:
cupid mostly works):
one thread capturing, decoding, playing audio samples
one thread capturing, decoding, playing video frames

one thread encoding video
one thread encoding audio

one thread muxing audio and video

one thread writing to local disk
one thread writing to remote storage

except for the source threads, the others are contained in a wrapper

my problem is av sync at the output and the playing:
1) until the encoding part is not running, the playing of the av is fine
with good sync
2) when the encoding starts, the playing runs for a few seconds and then
3) the result is a very poor quality and bad sync avi file.

i'm trying to tune the size and thresold limit for the queue among the
threads without any success.....any ideas?

have a nice day

yuri noferini <yurix at picsi.it>

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