[gst-devel] Problem in running the udpsrc/udpsink plugin in duplex mode

Pankaj GOYAL pankaj.goyal at st.com
Mon Apr 11 02:24:15 CEST 2005

HI, all
		I want to the play audio on the network like a telephone call.I want to recoder the data from the audio source  then encode it and then I want to play it on the other system on the network. The other  system will deocede the data and play using the audiosin plugin.For this puspose  I have made the following pipeline and I m running both the pipeline on both systems using the gstreamer thread.
 gst-launch  audiosrc ! encoder ! Udpsink  

 gst-launch udpsrc ! Decoder ! Audiosrc 

Now the problem is that when I run the pipelines I m getting the simplex conncetion mean that I m getting the audio playing only to the system which has started it pipeline earliar.I m not able to get the duplex connection.Can any one please tell me what can be the problem.When I try to get the problem I observe that one of the receiving thread is in sleep state and never come out of the sleep state.


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