[gst-devel] ffdemux_mpegts and udp

transat at freesurf.fr transat at freesurf.fr
Mon Apr 11 07:04:15 CEST 2005


I currently develop an aplication for gstreamer. I must recover a stream
mpegts by UDP.  But I have a problem with ffdemux_mpegts plugin. When i link
a filesrc whith ffdemux thats works, but when i link a udpsrc with the
ffdemux   i have this error:

  /pipeline0/ffdemux_ffm0: GStreamer encountered a general supporting
library error.

 I doesn't understand why when the source is a file containing a mpeg2
encapsulated ts flow  that work. And thus why that work not starting from a
source UDP.

Therefore, I would like to know if somebody already had this problem. And if
somebody knows how to recover a mpegts stream through an UDP source.

Thanks in advance

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