[gst-devel] Thomas Vander Stichele's blog

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Wed Apr 20 02:44:37 CEST 2005


I wanted to respond to Thomas Vander Stichele's blog entry
<http://thomas.apestaart.org/log/index.php?p=294> , but it's closed for
comments and I dunno its mail address, so I answer here.
In his blogs, Thomas says "most video files are actually not streamable
if you haven’t downloaded them all. Unless you force index rebuilding
which is really slow". I just want to point out that I often have
partially downloaded video files, and that in nearly all cases mplayer
manages to play them. It even manages to seek in them, and to play files
whose header is missing, guessing the filetype after eating several
megabytes of zeroes. Granted, it's not 100% reliable, but I'd say that
most video files are streamable, even if partially downloaded.


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