[gst-devel] Problem with installing MAD and mpeg2dec

Emmanuel Raulo raulo at tamaris.tm.fr
Wed Aug 3 06:10:31 CEST 2005


soma dutta banik a écrit :

> # libmad-0.15.1-0.lvn.1.b.2.i386.rpm
> [...]
> I ve libmad.so in /usr/local/lib.....

It seems to me that you have libmad installed both through your distro's 
packaging system and locally. You should avoid that.

> I test by the command find . -name *gstmad*...with this the output 
> shows is...
> ./gstreamer-0.8/libgstmad.so
> ./gstreamer-0.8/libgstmad.la

What's the current dir "." in your "find ." ?
When running gst-register, be sure to double-check:
1) that your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is properly set if you 
have some libs installed locally
2) that you pass the right --gst-plugin-path option to gst-register. 
GStreamer plugins you want to use should be in that dir. If you 
installed gstmad from source, try something like 



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