[gst-devel] 0.9 status

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Wed Aug 24 02:20:25 CEST 2005

Hi everyone,

An update on the state of 0.9

I still need to split up the gst-plugins module; I've attached a
spreadsheet that lists all plugins + elements we have, their license,
and their status.

I've decided I want to name the three modules -good, -ugly and -bad.
Some names have been thrown around in the past, but none of them are
short enough or convey nicely what they contain.  So unless people come
up with a better suggestion, I'll stick with these.  (Since we can move
around a complete CVS tree, we can still rename if we feel like it).

- good would contain code that lives up to our standards, is
LGPL-licensed, adequately tested, ... It is comparable to -base, except
that we decided that -base would only contain the elements it contains

- ugly would contain code that lives up to our standards, but is "ugly"
because something prevents it from being in -good.  Most likely, this is
a non-LGPL license or a known patent problem.  Stuff like mad,
mpeg2dec, ... would live here.

- bad contains code that's not up to standard, not tested enough, just
recently added and not yet fully working, ... Licensing/patent
issues/... isn't really that important.  Code can be promoted from this
module to either good or ugly, if the quality is improved.

The oo sheet attached lists where I would put each plugin; the ones that
are undecided would probably default to bad until someone works on them.

After this is done, we can start doing a new release with these modules

I'd like to get this over with this week, so start flaming !


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