[gst-devel] bug reminder

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Fri Aug 26 14:24:43 CEST 2005


gst-launch --gst-debug="*:4" filesrc location="./audio/test2.raw" !
audio/x-raw-int,width=16,depth=16,rate=44100,channels=1 ! audioconvert !
audio/x-raw-int,width=16,depth=16,rate=44100,channels=1 ! filesink

resulted in:

DEBUG (0x8064dc8 - 0:00:05.411999000)        basesink(14964)
gstbasesink.c(432):gst_base_sink_handle_object:<filesink0> push
0x8095ee8 on preroll_queue
DEBUG (0x8064dc8 - 0:00:05.412030000)        basesink(14964)
gstbasesink.c(459):gst_base_sink_handle_object:<filesink0> received non
time 2 NEW_SEGMENT 0 -- 254532, base 0
DEBUG (0x8064dc8 - 0:00:05.412046000)        basesink(14964)
gstbasesink.c(534):gst_base_sink_handle_object: now 0 preroll, 0
buffers, 1 events on queue
DEBUG (0x8064dc8 - 0:00:05.412059000)        basesink(14964)
gstbasesink.c(560):gst_base_sink_handle_object: prerolled length 0
DEBUG (0x8064dc8 - 0:00:05.412118000)   basetransform(14964)
asked to transform size 4096 for caps (NULL) to size for caps (NULL) in
direction SINK
DEBUG (0x8064dc8 - 0:00:05.412150000)   basetransform(14964)
get size returned cached 1 0
DEBUG (0x8064dc8 - 0:00:05.412164000)   basetransform(14964)
input size 4096, input unit size 0

wtay said the following in irc:
<wtay> ensonic, basesrc should probably put caps on the buffers if the
peer getcaps function returns a fixed set of caps
<wtay> ensonic, and base transform should refuse the buffer if not

I not yet good enough in understanding the code to know what needs to
change. Thus for now I've only fixed the segfault. Still the above
pipeline does not run.


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