[gst-devel] accessing sound from a TV acquisition card

berti bertrand.haut at brutele.be
Sat Aug 27 14:05:03 CEST 2005

Hi. I'm trying to build an application which must be able to filter both the 
video & the sound coming from my TV acquisition card. I've already build the 
element to filter the video from the v4l2src and an other element which can 
filter the sound from an wav file. Now the problem is to access the sound 
from the TV card. Usually, when I use an application like xdtv, the sound go 
out from my tv card & return to my sound card through my "line in" input and 
I can hear the sound.

Using v4l2src, apparently, it does not activate the sound output of the tv 
card. How can I activate this sound output ?

And how can I access this sound from gstreamer ? Is it possible to use an 
alsasrsc & osssink simultaneously (alsasink has never work on my system) ? 
Which is the device corresponding to the "line in" input ?

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