[gst-devel] weird colors using gstreamer and ffmpeg decoder

Michael Lausch mla at lausch.at
Sun Aug 28 15:07:10 CEST 2005


i'm trying to display realtime video from vdr in a gst window. therefore
i built a gst pipeline:

fakesrc -> ffdemux_mpeg -> ffdec_mpegvideo -> autovideosink

the data is injected from a http stream into fakesrc using the handoff
signal. audio is routed through an mpeg decoder and then alsasink. 
the audio path is running in it's own thread element.

audio is giving me no troubles.

video is also working somewhat. the problem is that the colors are all
wrong. seems like red is turned into green and the the other way round. 

i tried other decoders, but this did not help. 

is autovideosink just not good enough? do i have to use an X-overlay

the whole thing is implemented in python and source code, full of
debugging statements is available on request. 

thanks for any help. 

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