[gst-devel] about caps negotiation

yuri noferini yurix at picsi.it
Mon Aug 29 12:35:13 CEST 2005

hi list,
first thanks to ronald and thomas for the suggestion to switch from
v4l2src to v4lsrc .....i don't understand why, but now i can capture
from my webcam.
i got the first step.

today i've tried to add some more fun to my pipeline:
v4lsrc | ffmpegcolorspace | vertigoTV | ximagesink

but the caps negotiation produces strange border line effect:
my simple original pipeline was
v4lsrc | ffmpegcolorspace | ximagesink
and produced 320x160 at 5fps frame 
with vertigoTV or any other effectv filter, i got 160x120 at 5fps

trying to link with a filter doesn't risolve.
can somebody explain the details of caps negotiation?

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