[gst-devel] GStreamer 0.10 for DEVELOPERS

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Fri Dec 2 05:04:21 CET 2005

Hello everyone,

here are some notes for GStreamer developers on the upcoming 0.10

a) the tree is FROZEN.  What does that mean ?

1) all commits must be approved.  Ask on IRC before committing.
2) trivial fixes that do not affect the code have a chance of getting
in.  This includes adding/fixing documentation, so go wild ! It can also
include adding tests.
3) If your fix changes code but does not fix a visible segfault or a
regression from functionality *from the 0.9 series* it doesn't have much
chance of going in.  It has more chance if it comes with tests and docs
as appropriate.
4) If your fix changes code and you still want it in, it should have a
bug in bugzilla which is marked as a blocker.

b) the major/minor number has been bumped.  What does that mean ?

It means that all library names have now changed, since the major/minor
is in the name.  Now is a *great* time to completely wipe your tree.
Remove all your modules and do a fresh checkout.  Seriously, you will be
much happier if you do.  It gets rid of all the old cruft, 0.9 bits,
tree reorganization fall out, ...

c) Why can't I commit my port of this plugin/random bug fix/... ?

Because we don't want new code in that might cause additional bugs, or
silly segfaults, on anything you can run, because it reflects badly on
GStreamer, not just your favourite plugin or feature.

Because you should right now be focussing on adding documentation and

Because we want a stable tree, and we want you to focus on testing this
tree and playing with it and finding things.

Because we're fed up with changing code for a bit of time.

d) So then when can I commit these things ?

We expect to freeze for a week or so, and then after that we'll announce
the tree opening again.

e) When is 0.10 coming out ?

With your cooperation, and in the absence of any critical bugs or
showstoppers, it will go out on Monday.  and it will be a painless
process of just twiddling some numbers and running some scripts,
allowing for much time to spend on celebration, dancing and drinking !

See you on the other side of the weekend,


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