[gst-devel] multifdsink fdset initalization When?

Savage, ShaunX V shaunx.v.savage at intel.com
Thu Dec 8 13:29:05 CET 2005

Sorry for all the email but I am still in learn mode.  


I want to create a media server. (just for learning)


I am using tcpserversink.   I first create and open a listen port, after
a connections comes in I add that connection fd to tcpserversink.




I get the errors that follow


** (gst-app:31746): CRITICAL **: gst_fdset_add_fd: assertion `set !=
NULL' failed


** (gst-app:31746): CRITICAL **: gst_fdset_fd_ctl_read: assertion `set
!= NULL'


Looking at the code this->fbset is initialized on NULL-> READY state
change, I am adding it before that. 

Do I change state to READY?


Should fbset be initialized in _init?



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