[gst-devel] Base elements in GStreamer 0.10

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Fri Dec 9 02:25:09 CET 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 11:07 +0100, Jérôme Patey wrote:
> Hi,
>     I wondered why there wasn't a GstBaseDecoder, comparable to a 
> GstBaseSrc that ease the development of source elements...
>     Why can't decoders be based on GstBaseTransform ? They "transform" 
> data in some way...

They also "sink" data and "src" data, so why not base them on BaseSrc or
BaseSink? ;) 

Seriously, it's just not the way we defined BaseTransform -
BaseTransform is for transformations that are based purely on the caps
on each pad, independent of the data content itself.

A BaseDecoder might be useful, but noone's done the legwork to decide
what common functionality is best factored out into such a decoder.
There's no reason we can't add GstBaseDecoder, GstBaseDemultiplexer,
GstBaseEncoder, GstBaseMultiplexer during the 0.10 series if someone
comes up with some good ones that have The Right Stuff.


Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net


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