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michael meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Dec 12 06:10:01 CET 2005

Hi Jan,

On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 13:39 +0100, Jan Schmidt wrote:
> Woah, thanks!

	No problem :-)

> In general, none of the libraries installed in $PREFIX/gstreamer-0.??/
> should export any symbol except gst_plugin_desc - everything else is
> supposed to be accessed by registration with the GStreamer core. 

	Right; a link map or somesuch would be a good idea there I guess -
should improve link performance too.

> Do you have a nice script that generates this output? It would be a nice
> verification to add to our testsuite - all those symbols should be
> static afaics.

	Yes: checkout:

and	http://go-oo.org/ooo-build/bin/exceptions

	run find /path/to -name '*.so' | finterpose exceptions/*

	for a spew of lots of stuff -FWIW there are serious problems in most
gtk+ themes too ;-) so ...

	It turns out that this ELF feature for which we pay a huge performance
cost at link time is not only almost useless, but creates tons of silent



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