[gst-devel] audiosink for mp3-data

Benjamin Otte in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de
Tue Dec 13 05:27:19 CET 2005

This is not 100% correct. Almost all media players use decodebin as
their autoplugger and decodebin enforces decoding to raw audio even if the
output supports the native format. So it would be very hard for any media
player using decodebin to provide this functionality unless someone was
willing to write a new autoplugger. And we all know how likely this is.

As a workaround and simple solution to the original problem, I'd just
encode the raw audio with the lame element and then feed that to the sink.
The bad thing is that this causes a reencode with for mp3. The good thing
is that it works for other formats like ogg and that it's probably much
simpler to get working with current frameworks.


On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Stefan Kost wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> you would need to discuss that with the amarok developers. Gstreamer lets you
> connect anything to anything if the caps match.
> Stefan
> Peter Winterer wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm working on a audiosink-plugin (0.8.11) that opens a fifo.
> > The fifo is a pipe that is connected to a hardware-mp3-player
> > via bluetooth. For that I need the raw mp3-data.
> > This is working fine in a gstreamer-pipeline without mp3-decoder.
> > In applications like amarok, the pipeline that is being created, is
> > always with mp3-decoder, but I need the raw mp3-data.
> > How can I control the  creation of a pipeline depending on the sink
> > that I choose in the applications gstreamer-engine ?
> > For example, if I choose alsasink in the gstreamer-engine the pipeline
> > should be with mp3-decoding and for my audiosink-plugin the pipeline
> > should be without mp3-decoding, is that possible ?
> > Thanks for help,
> > best regards, Peter
> >
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