[gst-devel] Using gstreamer to encode separate frames into video

Peter Williams peter at newton.cx
Thu Dec 15 02:39:02 CET 2005


I have a program that steps through a dataset and generates a time
series of images from the data. Right now I can view each frame
individually, but I'd like to have a feature that steps through the data
set, pumping images into an encoder to create a video file.

Now, I don't know anything about developing with GStreamer, but I'd like
to use it to accomplish this if possible. My understanding is that I
need to make a pipeline with a some kind of video source element hooked
up to an MPEG encoder element hooked up to a filesink. The problem I see
is the source element -- I don't know how to manually feed frames into
the pipeline. Do I have to write my own simple video source element? If
so, is there a good skeleton plugin (preferably in Python) that I can
copy somewhere? Or am I approaching this problem from an entirely wrong



Peter Williams / peter at newton.cx

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