[gst-devel] Some help needed on buffer management

Sameer Naik sameer at nextbitcpu.com
Mon Dec 19 10:52:03 CET 2005

hi everybody...
i'm currently implementing a transport stream demultiplexer. but im have
a problem managing the buffers in the plugin.

in the plugin i have made two GstAdapter's one for audio PES packets and
one for video PES packets and another GstAdapter where the data received
on the source pad is pushed...

the audio/video data is accumulated in the audio and video adapters
respectively until an entire a/v frame is received..
once received the frame is pushed to the pad...and the data in the
adapter is flushed

so heres what i do to push the new data to the pes adapters

guint8 *data;
GstBuffer *buffer;
GstAdapter *pesPacket 

(pesPacket points to the audio adapter when audio pes packet is received
and to the video adapter when a video pes packet is received )

buffer = gst_buffer_new();
data = (guint8 *)malloc(size);
memcpy(auxdata, dataPtr, size);	
gst_buffer_set_data(buffer, data, size);
gst_adapter_push(pesPacket, buffer);

here dataPtr is the pointer to the data in the main GstAdapter (one
where the data received on the source pad is pushed) and size is the
amount of data i need to store..

i need to store the data because i have to do a gst_adapter_flush on the
main gstadapter...

im not able to unref the buffer after pushing it into the
adapter...doing so gives a segmentation error...

the above code is repeated for every pes packet received...so new memory
is allocated each time and not freed....resulting in i guess memory
problems and my system does not respond...

i would like to know if theres any other better way to store the data in
the adapter or somewhere else...

plz help
thanks in advance


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