[gst-devel] Re: gst-ffmpeg with AMR support ?

Forest Wilkinson [gstreamer] ywhayiz02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Dec 20 10:59:06 CET 2005

> Instead, I"d suggest to compile gst-plugins with AMR support, because
> that"s tested and known to work. To do that, download and install the
> autotoolified libamrnb from my website
> (http://ronald.bitfreak.net/priv/amrnb-0.0.1.tar.gz or
> amrnb-0.0.1-1.src.rpm), re-./configure gst-plugins, go to ext/amrnb/ and
> run make + make install (don"t forget to run gst-register-0.8
> afterwards). Now, 3GP media files with h263 video and AMR-NB audio will
> work fine (we have one such file in our testsuite). For the h263 video,
> you"ll still need gst-ffmpeg, of course.

I built the amr module from Ronald's .src.rpm, but I'm having
trouble playing 3gp video clips that use amr.  A video window pops up 
showing the first frame of video, but I get an error message instead of 
audio, and playback doesn't continue.  Here is some example output:

$ gst-launch playbin uri=file:///home/forest/dl/media/test/hardball.3gp
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
Pipeline is PREROLLING ...
** Message: don't know how to handle audio/x-amr-nb, rate=(int)8000,

 From that message, it looks like the content type isn't getting
recognized, so I ran gst-inspect.  Here are the only lines that contained

amrnb:  amrnbdec: AMR-NB decoder
amrnb:  amrnbparse: AMR-NB parser
amrnb:  amrnbenc: AMR-NB encoder
rtp:  rtpamrpay: RTP packet parser
rtp:  rtpamrdepay: RTP packet parser
typefindfunctions: audio/x-amr-wb-sh: amr
typefindfunctions: audio/x-amr-nb-sh: amr

Those last two lines look especially interesting.  What's with those -sh 
suffixes?  It seems like I'm so close to getting this working.  Any 

I'm using gstreamer & gst-ffmpeg 0.10.0, built from sources into RPMs 
using the included .spec files, and running on Fedora Core 3 (with a few 
library updates).

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