[gst-devel] Combining V4l and V4l2? (was: Re: gstreamer-devel digest, Vol 1 #2102 - 9 msgs)

Rob Kramer robk at starhub.net.sg
Thu Dec 22 00:51:07 CET 2005

Hi Ronald,

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 13:56, Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> So, v4l1 with saa7134 has issues because of proxy problems in the
> v4l1-compat kernel module. This is not necessarily a module problem, but
> rather a problem where some v4l1 ioctls do not have a 1:1 match in v4l2.

I sent a sample to the video4linux mailing list, but no result so far.

> I've experienced similar problems
> in other software and the fix (or, rather, workaround) was to simply use
> v4l2... Porting v4l2src may be your best shot.

I've spend a day trying to revive v4l2src, and it basically comes down to 
copying *lots* of code from v4lsrc. Much of the code is identical. (I guess 
v4l2 src was copied from v4lsrc, but v4l2src was left to rot). Instead of 
doing all this work and ending up with a v4l2src that is going to break at 
the next API change, wouldn't it be a good idea to combine the two? Perhaps 
still allowing selection by means of a property or so, or otherwise just at 
compile time.

Why do people still use v4l1 anyway, for old kernels? Or does it offer 
something v4l2 doesn't have?



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