[gst-devel] directsound sink

Ikke eikke at eikke.com
Sat Dec 24 04:10:11 CET 2005

On Sat, 2005-12-24 at 15:32 +0800, John Janecek wrote:
> Here is a direct sound sink i make for gstreamer0.10

Cool, gob :)

In the gob file, you might want to use something like
	override (Gst:Audio:Sink) gboolean close(GstAudioSink *sink (check null
where appropriate, to get a certain level of type safety and input
(null) validation.

Is there any reason all your member variables are declared protected,
and not private (just asking, you might have a good reason :-))

You override "finalize" to free some members. You could get the same
effect without implementing a finalize method yourself, but by using
something like 
		destroywith IDirectSound_Release;
The NULL check will be generated automagicly.

As you define PRIV and _PRIV in a header, this header file should only
be #include's in "privateheader", not in "alltop" (IMHO). You might as
well use
		#define PRIV(x) self->_priv->x
		#define _PRIV self->_priv

Is there any reason you define a get_type function manually? Gob should
do that for you.

I don't think you should include windows.h, dsound.h and alike in
alltop, as the types and functions defined in these headers are only
used internally. The headers should be included in "privateheader".

Just trying to be helpful...


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