[gst-devel] translation of gstreamer not included at all

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Mon Dec 26 01:58:06 CET 2005


> I'd like to know if this is accidental or not: during early phase of
> 0.8.x development, a translation template is made available on
> Translation Project [1], which I guess is the official way for handling
> gstreamer translation. However, after translating it and uploaded
> it to TP, I only found my translation NOT included in all subsequent
> 0.8.x stable releases, nor 0.10.0. A few days ago I tried to ask in
> IRC and also got no answer.

It is completely accidental and it is my mistake.  In the future, feel
free to poke us sooner.

> Is TP really the official way of handling gstreamer translation?


> If this is true, then I'd wish there is some formal discussion

I don't think there needs to be.  Like anyone else, we make mistakes.
People tell us about our mistakes, and we fix them.  It is hard to fix
mistakes we don't know about.

Thanks for your contribution, it's been added and will be in the next


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