[gst-devel] amaroK 1.2-beta4 Released!

Max Howell max.howell at methylblue.com
Tue Feb 1 02:48:32 CET 2005

The amaroK team is proud to announce version 1.2-beta4 of the amaroK audio 

Changes since 1.2-beta3:

* Multiple result selection for Amazon cover downloading
* The loader is now more robust and should always find the main binary.
* The search-browser has been integrated into the file-browser.
* OSD can have fake translucency and new fancy shadow.
* Fix crashes when writing tags. (BR 95344)
* CoverManager updates its status display correctly.
* Automatic crash report generator, sends backtraces to amaroK HQ.
* Beginnings of a script-plugin framework
* Playlist2HTML, a script for playlist exporting. (BR 96199)
* Improved statusbar, with extra fanciness, and feedback
* New background-task progress display system
* Alarm script, starts playing music at specified alarm time.
* Script-Manager for DCOP script extensions is now functional.
* Attempts to make amaroK more accessable to new users
* Runtime DB-backend selection (MySQL or sqlite)
* Fabulous new amaroK icon "Blue Wolf", made by Da-Flow.

Please see our new wiki (http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/) if you want to get 
started writing a script plugin! Also please tell us what functionality you 
need so you can write the world's best script, and we'll try to cater to your 

Please download, enjoy and direct any feedback at our IRC channel or 
mailing-list (details below), we need all the bug reports you can throw our 
way to make the next release absolutely great! Thanks :-)

The amaroK team

amaroK is a soundsystem-independent audio-player for *nix. Its interface uses 
a powerful "browser" metaphor that allows you to create playlists that make 
the most of your music collection. We have a fast development-cycle and 
super-happy users. We also provide pensions and other employment-benefits.

"Easily the best media-player for Linux at the moment. Install it now!"
    - Linux Format Magazine

WWW:  http://amarok.kde.org
WIKI: http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/
IRC:  irc.freenode.net #amarok
MAIL: amarok-devel at lists.sourceforge.net

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