[gst-devel] Proposal for XML Description File for Plugins

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Thu Feb 10 05:57:14 CET 2005


When looking at the html benjamin recovered to me this more looks like a 
bugzilla-status overview.
The page contains entries for gstreamer components along with
1) some meta data that can be retrieved from the binaries like xml-inspect does it
2) a summary of issues, the magically needs to be ripped out of bugzilla

For #1) Jeffs concern is, that this needs to run on a system which has *all* 
plugins installed/registered. Still scanning the sources would not bring us much 
further. It could try to find
   static GstElementDetails xxx = {
All this does no look very reliably ...


Benjamin Otte wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Feb 2005, Jeff Mitchell wrote:
>>If others on the list can comment on the merits of binary extraction
>>vs. an XML file, I'd appreciate it.  I'd like to see whether the
>>prevailing opinion among developers is that a seperate file or binary
>>extraction would make more sense.
> Ok, let's start at the beginning. In the early days, there were status
> tables like the one here:
> http://web.archive.org/web/20010803152827/gstreamer.net/gstreamerstatus.html
> Those were not really updated, so they were finally removed.
> The first thing I'd do before reviving those status tables would be
> figuring out why they weren't updated, because otherwise the reviving
> won't last long.
> My suspicion here is that it's more of a social than a technical
> problem. The tables weren't updated because developers are lazy. They tend
> to fix bugs, but not update status tables (or documentation, ask Stefan
> about that ;)). So unless a way is found where developers think it's
> necessary to update the status table, too, they'll simply forget about it.
> Now there's 2 possibilities I know to get this:
> 1) create the status table without needing manual updates. (This is how
> gst-inspect works.)
> 2) find missing updates automatically and make them break the build. (This
> is how our documentation building works.)
> Binary extraction would be step 1). A manually updated XML file (or
> multiple manually updated XML files) would be the exact same problem as
> before.
> Benjamin
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