[gst-devel] Rowstrides / buffer hierarchy? (was: Re: summit conclusions + plans)

Tim Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Sun Feb 20 12:56:24 CET 2005

On Sunday 20 February 2005 18:19, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:

> here's a quick recap of some of the things we've discussed and decided
> on during this summit.

Thanks for this very useful summary. It really sounds like 0.9 is going to 

> Comments ? Questions ? Flames ? Shoot !

Has anything been decided on how to tackle the problem of implicit rowstrides, 
plane offsets and buffer sizes for image formats? Are they going to be ...

 (a)  made part of caps (yuk)
 (b)  attached to image buffers
 (c)  taken care of by centralising format descriptions etc.
        in a plugins support library that provides the stuff that
        is now in videotestsrc, gstvideoimage, ffmpegcolorspace,
        and scattered around the code tree in form of #defines.
 (d)  a combination of (b) and (c)
 (e)  none of the above

I seem to remember there were plans to have GstBuffer stuff as a proper 
hierarchy instead of just having one universal GstBuffer. Has anything been 
decided about that? 


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