[gst-devel] Text rendering

Gergely Nagy gergely.nagy at neteyes.hu
Tue Feb 22 06:22:03 CET 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 01:11 +1100, Jan Schmidt wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-02-22 at 13:44 +0100, Gergely Nagy wrote:
> >On Tue, 2005-02-22 at 23:05 +1100, Jan Schmidt wrote:
> >
> >> 
> >> I don't know whether you're suggesting a subclass of videomixer here,
> >> or whether you're confused about how GStreamer elements interact.
> >> If anything, I think we'd add your 'multiple regions overlay' format
> >> as an frame encoding that the videomixer knows how to read and blend
> >> onto an AYUV framebuffer, and then add that mime-type to the pad
> >> capabilities for the sink pads of videomixer.
> >
> >This has the drawback of having to specify the format of the buffers
> >inside the container too. (Eg, image/x-gst-regions, format=AYUV or
> >format=I420... and when you get RGB, this gets hairy. Yuck.)
> I was thinking we'd just do AYUV colour space, although extending to
> others later 
> shouldn't be too bad if we move the gstvideoimage functions (from
> videotestsrc 
> and puzzle) into gst-libs somewhere.

The problem is not in handling them, as in getting the various
components out of the buffer. The problem arises when you want to
support all formats recognised by imagemixer, embedded inside this
container too.

That might lead to having such caps as image/x-gst-regions,format=AYUV
and image/x-gst-regions,format=RGB,bpp=16,depth=15 or something like
that. Sure, it will most probably work, but doesn't look all that nice
to me. 

Nor would this allow different formats in the container (why anyone
would use that kind of stuff is another question, but you can never

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