[gst-devel] branches

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Feb 22 10:29:21 CET 2005


I've created a 0.8 branch of both core and plugins.  HEAD is now ready
for the 0.9 work to be done.  THREADED is still being worked in.

Buildbots have been set up for these branches.  More slaves and builds
will be added soon.

http://build.fluendo.com:8080 tracks HEAD, :8081 tracks 0.8 and :8082
tracks THREADED.

I am considering creating an overview page for all bots, or at least a
set of links, but that's for later.

You can check out the stable 0.8 branch using "cvs co -r BRANCH-

I am now going to reorganize HEAD of gst-plugins a little, possibly in a
new module (because I can't do proper cvs surgery since files from
different branches are kept in the same hierarchy), and then I'll give
some more info.

What does this mean in practice ?

- the build of 0.8 should always work.  Buildbots should be green there,
if not you broke something.  You might get insulted by the bots in the
- hacking for 0.8 should be done on this branch for now on
- HEAD is falling under the regime as proposed before - chunks of
subsystems will be merged on this branch.  This is the branch that now
is 0.9 and will result in 0.10 three months from now.  There's no point
in doing random commits here fixing various bugs, since this branch will
go through some major rewrites

So in short:
- business as usual is on 0.8
- use HEAD to follow the changes in GStreamer that will be documented
and discussed on list and channel
- use HEAD to make sure your application will be ready for 0.10, and
update your app and plugins accordingly when you have time.


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