[gst-devel] Demo making and how stable are the python gstreamer bindings?

David Mohring heretic at ihug.co.nz
Tue Feb 22 17:10:37 CET 2005


After the GStreamer 0.10 release around May 15th, 
Will the python bindings for gstreamer be changing much? 

I'm going to be hacking a python based command line/libglade fronted
toolset for converting chunks of varying format audio and video files
into multiple formats. The goal is to use time generated SMIL like
recipe to mix captured sessions of VNC/rfb, theora/ogg
Gnomemeeting/H.323etc, V4L/etc and (hopefully) captions in text ( from
IRC ). Output formats will include flash/SWF, theora/ogg and close
captioned SVCD/DVD. The backend tools used to do the converting will
depend on the output format.

The python code will use streamer along with mplayer, vnc2swf, swftools,
lame etc to chop/mix audio/video in a python tovid
( http://tovid.sourceforge.net/ ) like script.

At the moment, manually, I am only able to convert, resize and append
chunks of video, and extract, mix and overlay audio.  Audio/video
synchronization is buggy to say the least. Anything more fancy requires
dumping the chunks to mix using Kino or some other video editor, which
does not work well for SWF output.

If I can get the thing working, I will drop the project onto

David Mohring <heretic at ihug.co.nz>

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