[gst-devel] strange segfault

yuri noferini yurix at picsi.it
Mon Feb 28 15:29:14 CET 2005

hi guys,
first: sorry for my italian english....it should sound as a melting
point of different cultures but it's just an alert: if you don't
understand my post, it's my fault.

now, i'm just starting playing with gstreamer and gst-ffmpeg.
i've written several stupid apps, nothing more than examples code.

but (i hate that shity 'but') with my new app, i'm getting myself in
the is a multithreaded transcoder, it take a dv file in one thread,
decode and encode (using ffenc_mpeg4 )the video in the second thread,
and another thread make the same with audio.

my problem is the segfault in the ffenc_mpeg4....
or better in sda16_y2_mmx2 function from file motion_est_mmx.c

this is a description of my enviroment and the output of ddd:

debian sarge
gcc-3.3.5 (i've tried gcc-3.4 also)
gstreamaer from debian
gst-ffmpeg 0.8.3

any ideas?
if you want i can post my code.....

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread -1218851920 (LWP 858)]
0xb778b9f0 in sad16_y2_mmx2 (v=0x0, blk2=0xb68d0008 "\033\033\034\035
\034", '\036' <repeats 17 times>, "\037\036\035\034\035\034\033\033\033
\036\036\036\037\036\037\037\037\037    \037\036\036\037\037\036\035\037
\037\037\037\037\036\036\036\035\035\036\037\036\037  \036\"\"\"\"(=V
blk1=0xb6a7cd50 <Address 0xb6a7cd50 out of bounds>, stride=720, h=16) at

yuri noferini <yurix at picsi.it>

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