[gst-devel] [RFC] A `freeze' plugin

Gergely Nagy gergely.nagy at neteyes.hu
Mon Jan 3 07:22:26 CET 2005


I needed a plugin that takes a buffer from another, then pushes that out
on its source pad as long as something does not stop it - and gst-freeze
was born (since I did not find anything that could do this... if I
missed something, well... then this was a nice experiment anyway :).

At the moment, it is a loop-based filter, but I'm not really sure that's
the most appropriate way.. A chain-based one might be better, but I'm
not sure. It was easier to do this way, and being my first plugin, I
left it this way for now.

As a test, one can run something like:

gst-launch filesrc=test.jpeg ! jpegdec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! freeze ! sdlvideosink

If someone might review my code and point out the bugs I left in there,
I would be very grateful! 

(The single sourcefile, freeze.c is attached, a full-blown tarball is
available from http://neteyes.hu/~algernon/gstreamer/gst-freeze/. The
GNU arch source tree is not yet public, though.)

Gergely Nagy <gergely.nagy at neteyes.hu>
NetEyes Kft.
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