[gst-devel] cdparanoia Sink properties

Matt Jones mattjones at berkeley.edu
Wed Jan 5 00:26:26 CET 2005

Hi - 

I'm working on implementing CD-playing support in rhythmbox, and I have
it playing CDs (currently finishing up cddb lookups before I submit the
patch). But, I ran across an issue with gstreamer that would be nice to
change. The cdparanoia source exports the cddb hash of a cd as a
property, but it doesn't export other useful information - such as the
track count on a cd, and the length of each track. It would be great if
this was a property that one could access. It seems like you could grab
this from the GstIndex the cdparanoia source keeps, but I'm not very
familiar with how one uses this, and all my attempts with it have
failed, as the cdparanoia source requires one to set it to a playing
state for this information to be looked up.

If i submitted a patch that would allow one to request for the number of
tracks from a cdparanoia source, and possibly the length of each track
(without the source set to a GST_STATE_PLAYING), would it have any
chance of being accepted? Also, cdparanoia (the library) has a macro
IS_AUDIO that reports if a track is an audio track (versus a data track)
- it might be useful to have access to this as well.

The main reason I'm asking for this is that it would be nice to abstract
all these calls out of my code - at the moment it's a mix of calls to
cdparanoia and gstreamer - and if gstreamer provides the cddb hash of a
cdrom, it seems only logical it could provide other useful information
that's not directly related to merely playing the cd.



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