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Stefan Kost kost at imn.htwk-leipzig.de
Wed Jan 5 05:33:35 CET 2005

hi hi,

I my quest for more compleete gst-docs I've hit gstvalue.{c,h}.
This has a few empty docs block, which is very bad as gtk doc then does not list
them among undocumented symbols. I've just found them while I was looking for
undocumented members and return values. See the REAME in docs for the shell
oneliners to list the remaining ones.

So anyone (david?) please complete the few missing docs in this file. I've done
some obvious. The remaining ones are not so obvious to me, so I left them.
It would be wonderful if someone could even write a brief summary about GstValue
for the long description in "docs/gst/tmpl/gstvalue.sgml".

As usual I accept submissions in email form and put them into the right places.

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