[gst-devel] Thanks for the updates - + standards question

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Sun Jan 9 01:11:04 CET 2005

First of all, thanks for the awesome round of updates that recently  
came through.

visualizer and dvd playback work in Totem again :)
I'm very happy.


OK - this may be a freedesktop.org question opposed to GStreamer, but  
is there any standard for multimedia libraries that is being worked on?

By libraries I mean catalogues of music and video etc., not  
functions ;)

The advantage of a standard library backend would be the ability to  
switch applications and still have your library, playlists, ratings,  
playcounts, information not stored in metatags, etc.

It also would mean things like integration with iPods and other  
portable media players could be written to the standard media library  
backend, and the wheel would only have to be invented once to just (in  
theory) work with many different kinds of cars.

If there is a project or list where that is being discussed, I would  
like to know about it.

And again - thanks for the GStreamer, GStreamer-plugins, and Totem  
updates - you guys rock!

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