[gst-devel] plan to write a bayer filter

Bertrik Sikken bertrik at zonnet.nl
Sun Jan 9 03:40:07 CET 2005

Bertrik Sikken wrote:
 > Hi all,
 > I'd like to announce that I plan to write a filter plugin
 > for the Bayer format. Having a bayer filter should improve
 > support for some webcams that export the format through V4L2
 > (the webcam kernel drivers are no longer allowed to do the
 > bayer conversion in kernel space).
 > I already have the basic interpolation algorithm, but I'm
 > completely new to gstreamer development (so it may take a
 > while...)

A couple more questions:

I'm having trouble writing the get_caps and link functions.
Basically I am not able to make the pipeline work properly,
seeing various failure phenomena.
For example the pipeline won't link (in gst-editor) and I have
no clear idea how to debug it.
Gst-launch complains about an erroneous pipeline, then tries
to run it anyway. In some cases this produces and unkillable
gdb process ('kill -9' as root cannot kill it), which is keeping
my v4l2 device busy and I am forced to reboot. This makes the whole
development process kind of troublesome.

I used the median filter plugin as an example for my bayer plugin
(because it looked like a simple plugin with not-to-much code)
This was perhaps not such a good idea, since the bayer plugin
takes one video format and transforms it into another, while
the median filter uses the same video format for input and
Is there an existing gstreamer plugin that is better suitable
to use as an example for my bayer plugin?
(I can provide details on the bayer format if required)

Kind regards,

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